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Where did it all start ?

Well I suppose it was around 1972 when Clive Mason as a teenager first started his DJ Career. Read more about him by clicking on the Clive Mason link above.

"I don't think Clive ever came out of the seventies even today he can be seen driving around Norfolk in his 1972 Triumph Stag. Still using trim phones and with items such as Rubics Cube and Stylophones adorning the house he is definitely a seventies product"

Today Replay are still delighting audiences across Norfolk.

We have two rigs of equipment one is a smaller intimate rig ideal for small to medium venues and a 4k Large Rig for larger venues and outside venues.

If your having a 70s Disco Party we can help theme your venue in 70s regalia including back drops, posters, mirror balls etc.  Check out our 'Throw a Disco Party' page for more information

Above all our aim is to recreate the 70s sound and experience using original equipment where possible.  Using lasers just wouldn't be right would it ?