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Its a common thing for the Audience to want to know more about the original equipment we use to create that  special 70's sound.

Our proudest item is our Citronic Stereo Hawaii 2 Disco Turntables circa 1980. Completely refurbished to a top specification these decks are a joy to use. There's still nothing like the warmth of vinyl.

The downside of vinyl records is their size and weight. With over 9000 singles its not practical to carry these around on a mobile basis. Therefore we hold a backup of these in a Numark D2 Director which means we can offer just about every top 20 seventies hit !

In the day we used NAB jingle machines for identification and fun. Nowadays these machines are very hard to get and to be honest were cumbersome and awkward using 8 track technology. We now used a Citronics player for this so get ready to remember some of the old Radio 1 , Radio Caroline and Radio London jingles throughout the night

In order to re-create the 70s experience its important to use authentic 70s lighting. Whats the point of a laser show. Lasers in the 70s was a very rare animal and certainly not like the ones today.

When polled our audiences said that items that took them back the most were the Optikinetics oil wheels and kaleidoscope wheels. we use two with a variety of effects.

Remember the 'Twister' lighting projector? Every mobile disco had one or more we use a double twister.

Par 36 pin spots, sound to light cabinets, smoke machines and rope lights all complete the show.

The astute amongst you will see we do use LEDs in the system but only as bulb replacements. Two reasons for this. One is that LEDs run almost cold so much safer for star cloths etc. The other reason is to keep the total power consumption down. There's only so much you can have from a domestic 3 pin plug and power amps and lighting rigs can be very power demanding

"once I was on the dancefloor I was back in 1979 memories came flooding back"

The rig is very compact with a small footprint. Its housed in a very solid Gorilla stand with overhead gantry. This ensures that all overhead effects are not over the audience. We don't have wobbly tripods or stand alone lighting effects that dancers can bump into. We are very solid and secure.

Another small thing but much appreciated is that we realise that whilst we want powerful sound and stunning lights the sometimes the audience that are seated may not want a visual bombardment to their eyes. This is why all of our lighting effects are contained to the stage and dance floor not the seating areas. Who wants a spot light continually flashing in their face?

We also don't use use strobes. Very popular in the 70s but nowadays when none of us is getting younger there not popular any more and can cause health problems. 

Smoke machines can be very topical as well. A lot of people think that the 'smoke' must be very bad for their lungs and of course if it was smoke it would be.  We use a fogger machine. This uses a water base similar to a vaper (although more pure as not previously inhaled by anyone! ). Used vary sparingly so that we can enjoy fog effects without harming our health

Safety is our top priority.

For Outside Venues and Larger Inside Venues we use our large Rig with 4K of power suitable for just about anywhere. An Electo Voice array of Eliminators takes care of the sound and large more powerful lighting completes the show.

Our PA Rig is so good we have often been asked by bands we are supporting if they can use it as well!